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How much profit do offshore developers really make?

Let's face it: when most companies hire to construct their websites, mobile apps, or customized systems, they are met by some very common challenges. First, how could it possibly be so difficult to find qualified and trustworthy programmers with the right skills? Second, why does it cost so much to hire technology talent? We see hundreds of daily spam emails selling software engineering talent from developing countries. How much money are they making? ... Continue Reading
 BY HIROTO MASAKI • 2021-01-12

2 Things you can do to discover who is hacking your website - and block them

One day you come to work to find that your company is being blackmailed by an unknown foreign criminal organization. The brazenness of the assault is shocking, but your data is now literally being held for ransom at an enormous sum. There is no recourse. Or is there? ... Continue Reading
 BY DENZEL WHITE • 2021-01-06

Who can see through my doorbell? What they actually do with the video

It’s never been easier to add video security to your perimeter. Ring™ Doorbell and many similar systems only require your WIFI connection and some batteries. Just where does the video data get stored? Who else can see it? How long do they keep it and do they ever delete it? ... Continue Reading
 BY JESSICA NGUYEN • 2021-01-14

12 most common ways that developers can steal your intellectual property

Making applications and constructing an infrastructure to support software development can be a complex task. We need to grant security access to the people responsible for building, but we can’t actually see what they’re doing. What if they take our code home with them? ... Continue Reading
 BY NAVEEN SINGH • 2021-01-14

How long should it actually take to make a mobile iPhone app?

You want to build a mobile app but the estimates shown to you seem really high. The mobile app you’re in the process of building right now started off great, but seems to be getting slower and slower. What’s going on? How long does it actually take to build a mobile app? ... Continue Reading
 BY JASON RODRIGUEZ • 2021-01-14

3 Ways to use good password hygiene and why you should take notice

Password hygiene is a lot like brushing your teeth. We all should be doing it, but it requires a small amount of effort. You know what happens when you stop brushing your teeth, right? The following are some highly effective and simple ways to protect yourself. ... Continue Reading
 BY CHRISTINE WANG • 2021-01-14

3 Ways to use good password hygiene and why you should take notice

Encryption might seem like a daunting concept. That might be why your CPA just sent you a copy of your tax returns via regular email, all while using the last 4-digits of your social security number as the password. Was that a very safe way to transmit your secre data? Not at all. ... Continue Reading
 BY BRUCE RICHARDS • 2021-01-14

What do you mean my backup is gone? 2 Important ways to protect data

They told you the backups were working. When you least expect it, the very life of your business suddenly depends on those backups. How do we get them back? What are some best practices for securing backup data and ensuring that business continutiy will really happen. ... Continue Reading
 BY ROEY NEZER • 2021-01-14

How to add proximity matching to your service. Could you be the next Uber?

Using the power of maps and proximity-based searching, many companies have mastered the two-sided sale. Adding geographic search and matching features to your website or mobile app can be done inexpensively and quickly when you using the right open source tools. ... Continue Reading
 BY MEGUMI NAKAMURA • 2021-01-14

4 Screening techniques for IT staff that might prevent a bad hire

The academic pedegree, the polished resume, the business suit, and the glowing enthusiasm. What could possibly go wrong? Interviewing and then hiring the “right” IT person can be an enormous challenge. This list of tools and techniques can greatly improve your hiring odds. ... Continue Reading
 BY KEVIN WINTERS • 2021-01-14

What the heck happened to Java? The good, the bad, and (sort-of) ugly

In 1998, Sun Microsystems was the largest purveyor of Java Virtual Machine technology. Sun marketing told us they were the “dot” in “.COM”. The Java language had surged ahead from it’s 1995 origins in a stunning ascention to worldwide prominence. So where are things now? ... Continue Reading
 BY RANJIT JOSHI • 2021-01-14


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